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A thousand words, but none were spoken [entries|friends|calendar]

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you make it hard to be faithful [06 Sep 2006|04:02pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]

Lips of An AngelCollapse )

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"apparently, i like it." [30 Aug 2006|12:22am]
[ mood | determined ]

"Your english is good eventually."

if someone tells that to you like that, should you believe him? hmm...

went to the review center to get my refund and spent some of it on pants. heh.

unfortunately, due to some what-should-be avoidable circumstances coupled with a bunch of unprofessional actions, i have, once again, found myself without a review center. the reviewers they hired for us were either a waste of time and notes, and a waste of fare.

there was the girl who lectured like you do in class, which we most certainly were NOT. it was a review, so we should've been reviewing! that was a waste of notes. useless notes. lots of them.

and then, there was the guy who, in the two and a half weeks that had passed since the start of review, i've never once seen in the formal class setting. although i heard he was good.

apparently, us complaining about it was the last straw for good ol' Jack and he had to fire both of them, which left us with...well, none. so now, with my downpayment in hand, i have to find another review center. again. which is just annoying since i actually liked the place what with it's 'tutorial' setup and the proximity to where i live.

oh, and i need to get a job. preferably one that pays good and with flexible schedules. hmm...call center, maybe? haha..maybe i should venture into teaching cuz apparently, i'm good at it. now i just have to work on my patience...

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[02 Aug 2006|01:37pm]
[ mood | confused ]

my right eye is smaller than my left.

i noticed it a few years ago when i've finally acquired a camera phone and have taken to taking pictures of myself from different angles. at first, i thought it was cuz i unknowingly raise my right eyebrow when i smile, but now, looking at myself with the webcam, i can see that my right eye is, in fact, smaller than my left.


QUESTION OF THE DAY: what is my race?

i'm from the philippines, does that mean my race is 'Filipino', but that's my citizenship, innit? the Philippines is in Asia, so am i 'Asian'? or do i have to go terribly anthropologic and say 'Mongoloid'?

application forms suck.

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it's raining cats and dogs... [25 Jul 2006|11:01pm]
[ mood | happy ]

and a few cities here are temporarily off the map.


leptospirosis, anyone?


it's amazing how time and separation does nothing to a friendship. after months of no proper contact, all you need is one moment to reconnect and it's like nothing happened at all.

i managed to reconnect with two friends today.

not too shabby, considering how antisocial i've been the past few months.


it's weird to think that while there's a heat wave all over the world (i think, or just in the US?), i'm practically freezing my ass off. i've spent the whole week in pajama bottoms and a blanket (with a variation of shirts, of course).

and im lazier than usual. i think i've finally molded myself to the bed properly.

and to add to the weirdness that is my body: i'm officially a medium (shirt size) body with large (sleeve size) arms. boxer!

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[19 Jul 2006|02:15am]
[ mood | devious ]

meme because...because!Collapse )

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no wonder i'm going deaf [15 Jul 2006|12:35am]
[ mood | calm ]


"Can you hear me now?" is taking on new meaning.

If you've ever suspected that the popular earbud headphones -- which place the sound of music in the ears -- might have a deafening effect, you had it right. With the volume turned way up, even an hour a day of direct-to-the-eardrums sound could lead to hearing loss. Here's some good news: You can download free software that locks in a volume limit on your iPod.

Music addicts quickly discover that, unlike earmuff-style headphones, earbuds let them listen to tunes at a higher volume without anyone yelling, "Turn it down!" But whether the noise is hip-hop or Bach, overexposure can harm the ear's sensitive hearing mechanisms -- temporarily, if you're lucky, permanently, if not.

It's a good idea to limit both volume and the time spent wearing any headphones, but especially earbuds. Some experts suggest aiming for no more than a few hours a day of exposure to sounds higher than 90 decibels (about the sound of a vacuum cleaner or lawn mower). But to keep hearing sharp for years to come, noise researchers studying headsets recently recommended using them no more than an hour a day.

source: www.realage.com

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[12 Jul 2006|12:43am]
[ mood | crazy ]

this part of the entry is plagiarized from the one in my friendster blog.

for those (one) in the know...of the language.Collapse )

i'm rambling, aren't i? i'm rambling.

it's just...i'm 8 hours away from my CGFNS exam and i feel like i've learned jack. i can't even sleep! and what's worse...i've nothing to wear!

question is: is what i'm wearing a big deal?

to a certain degree, it is. because if i'm going down, i'm going down looking good.

although, NOT going down's a good option, too.

argh. i've broken. i've finally lost my effin' mind.


and for something almost in-topic but not quite:

i found out recently that the reason why the recent board exam results are being held up is cuz of a kerfuffle with the regulation commission. (yes, joanie, i just wanted to use the word. heh.) apparently, there are reports of a leak from one branch of one of the prominent review centers. but anyone who took the NLEs know that it's been going on for years! it's prolly even one of the reasons why it became prominent in the first place.

and now, the results are held up and the poor takers are prolly pulling their hair in clumps in extreme anxiety over the results.

good thing they didn't do this to us. cuz they'll have the gate bursting with angry examinees trynna get the results before christmas.

i just hope the results will come out before THIS christmas rolls over. (hehe. play dead!)


heehee. i made a testi(monial) for my friend/brother over at friendster and put in the word "testis".


i better get some sleep. i CANNOT fall asleep during the exam and accidentally spill drool all over the answer sheet. which reminds me, i better pack a hanky.

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i promised i won't do this, but... [10 Jul 2006|05:53am]
my new phone is so cool. it's a nokia n70 and it's got a huuuuuuuge memory, which means i can actually store lots of mp3 in it. but what i'm really excited about is how i can actually store word documents in it. i remember having that very problem a few months back with my OR/DR cases, but now i can actually do it!

so cool.
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[07 Jul 2006|12:25am]
exam's in less than a week and i feel like i've learned jack.

well, shit.

this is why i don't review weeks before a test, even a quiz. my short term memory's shot to hell. i started reviewing months ago and i can't even remember what the HECK the topics were!


okay, deep breaths. it's all just gonna flow come exam time. right. i should just...relax and continue with the questions.


oh, dear lord.
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little annoyances [29 Jun 2006|11:15pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

our bathroom has no door.

where in hell would you find a bathroom that has no door? tito arnulf and i had to drive over to the condo just to bathe.

sheesh. it's like having a wake in your house. i remember when tatay's coffin was in our house, i had to go over to a friend's house to shower and walk across the street in my towel.


now i know the reason why i wasn't at all excited about today. we didn't get the phone. we waited allllll day only to be told that the guy who was supposed to deliver it to my aunt's office didn't have the stuff.

our day wasted. i could've slept in!

tomorrow. i'm still not excited.

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staccato thoughts [29 Jun 2006|02:21am]
[ mood | okay ]

home at last. three days early, but...yeah.

i missed this place, but i wish i won't have to go anywhere. all my clothes are still in st. peter.


it's been raining on and off the past few days. i love it.

but i miss dry clothes more.


god. four hours with my mom and already i can feel my hair separating from my scalp.


earlier, i was in the jeepney with this woman who looked to be in her mid/late 30s (or late 20s - early 30s if she wasn't taking care of herself properly) who was wearing a shirt that said:

Counting boys is fun!

it's confirmed. hindi talaga lahat ng ka-kyutan eh bagay sa lahat ng tao. *giggle*


weird. i'm not excited for tomorrow. huh.

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yay! [23 Jun 2006|01:53am]
[ mood | groggy ]

end of june is near...

i'm going home soon!


joanie...ya know, the waiting's driving me nuts. how are you doing? heh.

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i love the rain [11 Jun 2006|01:30pm]
[ mood | tensed from knocking cold dogs ]

there's a sort of peace it brings with it. the sound of the rain hitting the walls. splashing my face with tiny splatters that hit the windows. the cool air it brings. the sleepiness it evokes in me. the smell of the soil breathing. the drops it leaves on the plants.

although i don't like the way it makes our dogs cold, which, in turn, leads them to endlessly knock on the screen door. or the flood and garbage it brings with it. the the way it makes our clothes smell after i absolutely refuse to bring them in.

haay...mother nature works in twisted ways.

and i'm high from gravy fumes.


Joanie...good luck on the boards! just keep calm and a couple months from now, we'll be bumping licenses with each other. *chuckle*

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goodbye, my friend. you have been the one [29 May 2006|12:45am]
[ mood | awake ]

i'm planning to dedicate a whole day for studying tomorrow, so i figured i deserved a break. that and for the first time in 2 months, i'm actually NOT behind schedule with my review. yay!

so the lump on my throat. turned out, it wasn't actually a lump. my esophagus is inflamed from eating too much spicy food and (unintentionally) skipping meals (because of my utter dedication to my review, of course! *coughcough*). it made all the acids from my stomach come up to my esophagus in the form of a perpetual heartburn.

and it took me three doctors to find out about that.

first was the internist who had me undergo an ultrasound where they discovered a "complex nodule" on my right thyroid. then i was refered to an endocrinologist who said there was nothing wrong with my thryoid (cuz apparently, i'm that incompetent that i couldn't tell from the UTZ results that said: 'normal thyroid'). she, in turn, referred me to an ENT who pulled my tongue and made the final diagnosis.

Dr.: (pulling my tongue off my mouth with his gauzed hand, all the while shoving the mirror that dentists use down my throat) say 'ee'
Me: (gagging; holding my hand up) 'aa'
Dr: Another one. 'ee'
Me: 'aa'
Dr: longer this time, 'eeeeeeee'

then he gave me prescription for two medications that costs like gold was used in making them, and pushed me out of his office, saying that if the swelling doesn't go down in five days, he'll do an endoscopy on me.

I. AM. NOT. Having an endoscopy. with the kind of gentleness he showed with my tongue, i'll prolly be puking all over the floor and he'd still have me saying 'eeeeeeeeeee'.

so...goodbye siling labuyo (chili pepper), my good friend. goodbye for now.


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did YOU take my mojo? [16 May 2006|04:20am]
[ mood | confused ]

when i was attending my first college, i was so convinced that my creative juices start flowing past 10pm. so the solution i came up with was to sleep the moment i got home, wake up around 8, have dinner, watch TV, and by 10pm, i'd be downstairs, spreading all my 'props' on nanay's table.

and then, i don't know if it was the stress of school or my wacky sleep pattern taking revenge on me, but i suddenly find myself falling asleep by midnight. no more creative juices.

i'm the type of student who only studies right before the exams and sleeps through the lectures. i don't know how i keep passing. lucky for me, i'm also moody. so whenever i feel like in the mood to be productive or to just learn, i grab the opportunity and my props.

i've been studying since march for an exam i will take in july. so far, i've only finished 2 topics. i'm more than halfway through the third one and i have two of the longer topics to go. i don't know what to do.

where did the juices go? where was the studying mood? why abandon me now?

in my desperation, i tried to move the date to september. but i was too late. besides, if i did manage to do that, i'd procrastinate more, and find myself not any more ready by july than i am now and try to move the schedule up again. november.

so i guess it was a good thing i was late. now, i really have to step up with the studying and like it or not, be prepared come july 12.

can i do it? only time will tell.

for those who care, i'll be vanishing off the face of the (internet) earth til further notice. but i might check my mails. heh.

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a bunch of... [05 May 2006|01:52am]
[ mood | anxious ]

i think i've goiter.

of course, that's just probably the hypochondriac in me. but mom had one and so did nanay and so does my aunt. is it hereditary? i dunno.

i have this lump in my throat. kinda like a bubble that won't pop. it seems to move when i swallow and no matter how many times i burp, it just stays there. it's not really painful or anything, it just bothers me cuz i feel like i'm being strangled. and annoying as hell when i swallow.

so i asked mom about the feeling of having a goiter.

she said she had a hard time breathing (i don't have that), like there's a lump in her throat that won't go away (check), like she's being strangled (check), like it's a bubble that won't pop (check. but i asked her that, she just confirmed).

so i'm going to the doctor tomorrow to have it checked. i hope it's nothing.

oh, speaking of doctors...

my aunt has a 'suspicious' lump in her left breast. they found it last year during her routine physical, but it was benign then.

it's not now. and i'm worried, we're all worried. because she has this suspicious one and a bunch of benign ones on her other breast and her ovaries are polycystic and her uterus is too thick.

she's having it excised on monday. i hope it goes well.

but she'll be able to pull through, i know she will. she's strong like that.

i guess what i'm trynna say is: we need prayers.

thank you.

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hmm... [01 May 2006|01:45am]
[ mood | calm ]

so. what's up with me. erm...

i'm back in makati. after a series of shouting matches with the maid in san pedro, people (my aunt, my mom) thought it would be a good idea to move me out for a bit to cool down.

that and mom's "friend" is coming over, so i have to stay with nanay since we don't have a maid.


still reviewing. not making much progress so i'ma have to lock myself up in a closet somewhere and jam lotsanlotsa info in my head before july 12 rolls.


i miss my friends.


went up north (pagudpud, ilocos norte) for a vacation with my family. nice. got to see and visit lots of places i used to only see in pictures. went home very tanned and crispy and a bit bruised from when the sea decided to toss us around.

ahh, fun times.


also went to pagsanjan falls (in the south). that was my aunt's graduation treat for me and my cousin. loved, loved the falls.


graduation came and went. didn't attend. thought i was being honorable, now i think i was just stubborn. oh, well.

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and what have YOU learned today? [03 Mar 2006|01:54pm]
[ mood | informative ]

taken from yahoo.com:Collapse )

*whoop!* last day. ^_^

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the clock's a'tickin' [02 Mar 2006|03:03pm]
[ mood | cold ]

well. last day tomorrow. somehow i'm not as excited as i expected i'd be.

but i sure am relieved.

on another note: big props to rustom (padilla. and no, i don't know him personally) for having the guts to come out on national TV. although his story hit a bit too close to home for my liking.

while i'm on it, big props to sigmund (freud. definitely don't know him personally) for that whole thing about how our issues as adults can be traced back to our childhood. he was so right.

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[28 Feb 2006|10:35am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

for some reason, in my moment of insanity, i thought getting a haircut was a good idea.

now, i look gay.

well, to be precise, i look like a transvestite when it's dry and a lesbian when it's wet.

talk about androgyny.

this set of smileys don't have much variety, does it?

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